Unforgiven War

Report CovertOpWars - 2014

In 2012 the President of the United States fulfilled his promise of pulling all troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. The resulting affect was to leave a gaping hole in the infrastructure of both countries. Over the following 8 months specific countries secretly went in and set up Mujaheddin Groups(purportedly) to help stabilize the countries, but in fact, they were a cover up and were really sophisticated military special forces and intelligent services groups with the sole mission of training and deploying military specialist (under the guise of Jihadist) to disrupt and destroy various political and economic structures within 11 major western countries.

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These countries are both financially and politically tied to the World Organization of Financial Trade(WOFT). If the various missions are completed by the Jihadist it will cause total and complete disruption and political instability of the Western World and allow the afore mentioned Middle East countries to launch a full scale attack with no fear of impunity. The task of the CovertOp Group is to identify, discover and destroy the Jihadist Military Groups and individual Bosses. It is critical there is no knowledge by the various world government's of your actions, as you are not sanctioned by the the U.N. to enter into their countries. It would be considered an act of war to be discovered. You will report to your various training groups immediately and prepare yourself. Remember our motto

" Reprehendere, et dissipes Discover " (Discover, Detect and Destroy).


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